Verdicts & Settlements

Representative Cases: Recent Verdicts And Settlements

Fall in Department Store: Patron/shopper fell in a retail store into a drop off that did not have a safety railing

Injury: Fractured knee with surgery

Settlement during trial: $ 800,000

Premises Liability Apartment Building: Student fell down stairway when the balustrade collapsed

Injury: Traumatic brain injury

Verdict: 6.8 million dollars

Car Accident Intersection Collision: Teenager was a passenger in a automobile involved in a two-car intersection collision

Injury: Traumatic brain injury

Settlement: 1.6 million dollars

Slip and Fall Restaurant: Patron slipped on a wet floor in a fast-food restaurant due to an improper clean-up

Injury: Traumatic brain injury

Settlement: 1.5 million dollars

Construction Accident Workplace Negligence: Construction worker was injured when a sewer frame slipped and fell on his hand due to the negligence of the general contractor in failing to provide adequate safety equipment.

Injury: Partial thumb amputation — Post-traumatic stress disorder

Settlement during Trial: $975,00

Pedestrian Construction Vehicle Accident: Pedestrian crossing the street was hit in the head and neck when a loading platform was negligently being lowered on a construction vehicle

Injury: Head trauma and herniated disk

Settlement: $675,000

Slip and Fall in Home Negligent Contractors: Homeowner slipped and fell in her basement due to a dangerous, slippery condition created by careless home contractors

Injury: Leg fracture with surgery

Verdict: $625,000

Stove Explosion Apartment: Tenant was burned when her stove exploded due to an improper repair of the oven by the landlord

Injury: Burn injury to hand with skin graft

Settlement: $435,000

Pedestrian Truck Accident: Pedestrian in a crosswalk was struck by a pick-up truck making a turn with the green light

Injury: Head injury and knee surgery

Verdict: $570,000

Bicycle Tow Truck Accident: Teenager was hit by a tow truck while riding her bicycle on a residential street

Injury: Fractured pelvis

Settlement: $435,000

Auto Accident Rear End Collision: Two car — rear end collision on the Grand Central Parkway during rush hour

Injury: Herniated disk in the lower back

Settlement: $400,000

Slip and Fall Snow and Ice: Pedestrian fell on the sidewalk of a residential home due to improper snow and ice removal

Injury: Fractured ankle

Settlement: $195,000

Slip and Fall Supermarket: Shopper was inadvertently knocked to the ground by a grocery packer in the check-out area

Injury: Leg fracture

Settlement: $240,000

Pedestrian Auto Accident: Pedestrian was struck crossing the street by an automobile making a sharp turn

Injury: Leg fracture with surgery

Settlement: $300,000