Ronald W. Ramirez Attorney at Law is a service-oriented firm with offices in Manhattan and Forest Hills, New York. We provide personal injury representation for clients in New York City and throughout the metropolitan area.

Ron Ramirez is a highly respected litigator who has built a strong reputation over more than 35 years of practice. As the firm's leading trial attorney, he has recovered millions of dollars in verdicts and settlements on behalf of his clients.

The Knowledge To Focus | The Resources To Fight And Win

Some personal injury law firms take on all types of cases. Our firm is different by design. We choose to concentrate the majority of our work on serious cases involving injury to the brain. We devote our practice to helping people whose lives have been changed because of the negligence of others.

We have the knowledge and the passion needed to focus on complex injury and wrongful death matters. We have the legal, financial and medical resources — and the bona fide trial experience — needed to fight stubborn insurance companies and win tough cases.

Our firm is reliable and thorough. We get results. We represent people who feel powerless, overwhelmed and frustrated with a system that adds insult to injury by denying them the help they deserve. We welcome the opportunity to serve you and your family.

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Contact our Manhattan or Queens offices to discuss your case. We always offer a free consultation regarding all injury-related matters. We charge no attorney fees unless we recover compensation for a client.